Danuk, is a small friendly family company that really cares for it's customers, many of them have enjoyed the service we have provided for up to 15 yrs of trading.
We invite you to explore a world of gifts and ideas to enhance your corporate brand or fundraising activities. In a market with a bewildering array of choices, danuk recognise that your time is precious and so aim to provide you with simple and affordable solutions for your project.
Unique to You
The aims and objectives of your promotional investment are unique to you. Your industry. Your budget. That’s why we go beyond the ‘place your order and supply your logo’ service to explore the alternatives, establish the best route forward and ensure the utmost quality of finish.
Years of experience have taught us that full consideration of the material and production techniques at our disposal can often achieve a result that is quite beyond the norm. And your brand deserves to be portrayed at it’s very best.
  • A true one-to-one service
  • A wealth of industry knowledge and experience
  • Offering the highest quality and value
  • Ethically sourced products
Ethical Means
Our well worn passports are a result of our global activities both sourcing and supplying the latest branded products to a worldwide audience. We strictly police these activities, paying rigorous attention to our own ethical policy. All suppliers are vetted to ensure working conditions are comfortable, clean and safe. Our directors are committed to ensure that employees are not exploited and that there is absolutely no child labour. Factories are periodically checked to ensure these high standards are being maintained, offering peace of mind to all.
Ethical Standards
Many companies, including ourselves, increasingly source their goods from overseas manufacturers who are more competitive on price and volumes. 
This raises some concerns as to whether the overseas standards applied to the environment or conditions of work are lower in comparison with those in this country. There has been growing concern about issues such as child labour and conditions of work.
We at Danuk believe that it is important to ensure our suppliers are working ethically and treat their employees in a fair and legal manner.
Our main supplier is a well-established manufacturer and has achieved Disney Certification. 
They ensure :
Exellent working conditions - clean, safe, comfortable working environment.
Legal employment - no child labour is employed good rates of  pay.
All of our vetted suppliers are well established, professional business's who treat their employees in an ethical manner. We at Danuk will continue to ensure all our suppliers meet such a standard, thereby delivering high quality products at reasonable prices, whilst ensuring no one involved in the process is exploited.

Mark Dempsey
Managing Director
Danuk Innovative Gifts Ltd