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2015 UK Corporate Excellence Awards

The 2015 UK Corporate Excellence Awards recognise those firms that have become a byword for forward-thinking excellence and achievement.


Danuk Innovative Gifts Ltd

Best for Fundraising Promotional Products


When it comes to the business world, true excellence takes many forms. From an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and consistently stunning results, to the never-ending quest for innovation and the ability to change, not only a department or business but an entire industry, firms mark themselves out as exceptional in countless ways.

The 2015 UK Corporate Excellence Awards focus on those firms and individuals across the British Isles, regardless of size, age, specialism or value, that are not just successful - that goes without saying - but undoubtedly and demonstrably special; the people and businesses that define how we view and regard their entire industry and who, taking their place firmly at the forefront of their respective sectors, become a byword for forward-thinking excellence and achievement.

In order to determine and reward those UK businesses who we believe are ahead of the pack, our dedicated awards teams undertake months of rigorous and in-depth research, carefully evaluating each nomination, examining every nominee, their performance over the past year, their market, their methods and even their competition. In short, the winners of one of our 2015 UK Corporate Excellence Awards can sleep sound in the knowledge that, to win one of our prestigious trophies, they must truly be among the best in their business.

We are delighted with this award, and strive to win next year, from all the hard working team here at Danuk


Mark Dempsey

Managing Director